When we took a look at our society, we noticed that many of our handicapped friends were facing difficulties, but that these difficulties couldn’t hinder them in any way nor prevent them from achieving the success they deserve and that they could very well become the best, if they put their all into something. This was also the message we wanted to give both our handicapped friends and other readers through the book that we have written.

Other than this, another thing that we wanted to create some awareness on was that these friends of ours weren’t in any way inferior to nor different than us. Our reason for writing a children’s book was our firm belief in the most effective time to affect someone’s way of thinking being when they are still small.

The reason why we featured a competition in this book was to show children that one can indeed have fun through competing, contrary to popular belief. We also wanted to highlight the value of cooperation and sportsmanship in competing through our book

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