The MakeX Tournament, which has China as its base, is an international robotics competition that aims to help promote the values of science, technology and education, through high-level competition and also supports the STEAM education through helping teenagers learn about science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics and other multi-disciplinary knowledge.
In accordance with these, MakeX also defends that teenagers should learn how to work while cooperating as well as competing. During a MakeX Tournament, which we may also call a mini FRC, teams are presented with the task of researching the social topic or problem, that was given to them by the competition and trying to come up with solutions to this social problem and presenting what they have come up with to the judges, as well as building a robot. Through completing these tasks, it is expected for the participants to become people, who are much more observant and also sensitive towards social or environmental problems. As the aim of this competition is not to solely build robots, there is a diversity of awards to be given to the participating
teams, just like FRC.
Of course, we don’t leave the teams we have established by themselves after their foundations. We personally mentor, guide and monitor them, as well as coming up with various other projects either with or for them, to help both them and ourselves become people that are beneficial to their country, world and environment.

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