As we have stated before, one of our team’s main priorities is to spread the FIRST spirit in our community, as well as to pass our knowledge onto others. In accordance with these goals of ours, we have gone to the Sefakoy Anatolian Highschool on the 13th of April, to talk about the process of establishing and maintaining an FRC team, to help them form an FRC team of their own. In this meeting, we told them about the experiences we have gained through participating in 3 off-seasons and 2 Regionals. We told them about what skills we gained through the years we spent in an FRC team and the fun and also the hardships that will be awaiting them after forming a team of their own. We of course are going to be continuing to mentor and monitor them, and see them through the formation of their team and help them whenever they need, even after their team has been established, as well as integrating them into our future projects to help them get a better feel of what we do and what FRC is.

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